Put That On My Account

Philemon 17-18

If thou count me therefore a partner, receive him as myself.
If he hath wronged thee, or oweth thee ought, put that on mine account;

There is no better picture of the doctrine of imputed righteousness found in Scripture than the story of Onesimus.  He had stolen from Philemon and ran away to Rome.  While in Rome, through the providence of God, he met the Apostle Paul.  Paul led him to Christ.  Paul could have kept him in Rome to benefit himself, but instead sent him back to Philemon.  While traveling back to Philemon, Onesimus carried with him one of the most beautiful letters ever written.  Paul asked Philemon to treat Onesimus like he would treat his dear friend, Paul.  In return, Paul offered to make restitution for all the wrongs that Onesimus had done to Philemon.  That is exactly what Christ did for us.

  1. I was received based on someone else’s sacrifice
    “Receive him as myself”
    Because of my sin, I owed a debt to God that I could never pay back.  I would never be acceptable to Him.  I was unworthy and undeserving.  I had wronged Him, my pure, and holy, and just Creator.  Then Jesus stepped in and said, “Father, treat him like You would treat Me.”
  2. He redeemed by paying for someone else’s sin
    put that on mine account”
    Because Jesus was sinless, He paid a debt that He did not owe.  What I could never accomplish on my own, He willing did for me, even though it cost Him everything.  He accepted all my sin, my shame, my wrongs, and my guilt.  In return, He gave me His righteousness and a place in the family of God.

Growing up, one of my favorite preachers and songwriters was Evangelist Tom Hayes.  He wrote this wonderful song, Put That On My Account.  I hope it blesses you today.

Verse 1
Like Onesimus, I ran away, and I guess I thought I’d never pay
For all my sin, where would I begin?
But the hour came when I was found, the law had come and I was bound
I could not run, what would be done?

Put that on My account, is what the Savior said
Put that on My account, and cancel all his debt
My sins were oh, so bad! and great was their amount
But now I’m free and glad they’re all on Christ’s account

Verse 2
Well, the old account is settled now, and at Jesus’ feet I humbly bow
Oh, bless His name, He bore all my shame
But that’s not all, there’s even more than this, He’s given to me His righteousness
All this for me!  Oh, how can it be?

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