Are You Happy?

Acts 26:2a

I think myself  happy…

This is an interesting question – Are you happy?  The word “happy” is in the Bible 25 times.  I am not going to reference every instance, but it is very enlightening to see what is connected with the subject of happiness.  Six times in the New Testament we find it and half of them deal with suffering and endurance.  The other three are in the context of obedience, not judging others and being a stumbling block, and here, where Paul says it before giving his testimony to Agrippa. Can you begin your testimony with these four words that Paul said?

  1. Are You Happy With Your Life?
    A.  Your physical life
    B.  Your spiritual life
    C.  The life that you live day to day
  2. Are You Happy With Your Location?
    A.  Where God has placed you
    B.  Who God has placed you with
    C.  What God wants to do with you right where you are
  3. Are You Happy With Your Love?
    A.  Is Jesus the One you love the most?
    B.  Does your family know you love them? 
          spouse, children, parents, grandparents
    C.  Does your church family know you love them? 
          We need you and you will never know how much we depend on you
    D.  Does the world around you know you care for their souls?
  4. Are You Happy With The Lord?
    A.  His Word should set our principles
    B.  His will should be our purpose
    C.  His way should be our passion

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have asked a lot of questions.  That’s on purpose.  I can’t tell you to be happy.  I can tell you that you ought to be happy and why you should be happy, but honestly, you can tell me the same things.  The truth is, we all must be like Paul and think ourselves happy.  We can only do that by believing what God has promised us in His Word.  We are the children of God and no matter what, we have every reason to be happy.  I’m gonna do it, I can’t help myself – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!!!  I hope that at least made you smile 😊

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