Change Will Come

Job 14:14

If a man die, shall he live again?

all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.

In our verse today, Job asks a question that mankind has been asking for thousands of years.  His answer to that question is another one of his statements of faith.  I want to break down his answer and challenge us to be as focused in our faith as he was.

  1. A Statement of Choice
    We cannot separate Job from his suffering.  His suffering was on a magnitude that we will never experience.  Still, Job made a choice.  His choice was to always trust God.  He even said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”  That is powerful.  May God help us to make the right choice, no matter what our life experiences are.
  2. A Statement of Concession
    Job conceded the fact that he was not in control.  By all of his other recorded words we know he believed God was in control.  “My appointed time” teaches us that God has our days numbered.  We are not in control of our birth and we are not in control of how long we will live upon the earth.  What we are in control of is how we will spend those days God has given us.  Job chose to live out his days trusting God.
  3. A Statement of Conviction
    Job made his choice and nothing he experienced was going to change his mind and heart.  For “all of his days” he purposed to “wait”.  We know from many other verses of Scripture that waiting is equivalent to trusting.  Our strength comes from waiting on God.  Job chose a life of complete trust in God.
  4. A Statement of Comfort
    As we read yesterday, Job had strong belief in an eternity in the presence of God.  He tells us that his body would be destroyed, yet he still knew that he would physically see God and be present with Him.  The only way that can happen is for a change to take place.  Job was waiting on that change.  One day he knew that his mortality would be changed to immortality, and his corruption to incorruption.  Faith gives us victory over life’s circumstances, and also gives us victory over life’s biggest enemy, death.

Change is coming!  We have something to look forward to.  Our hope is not in this world, but in the life to come.  There is life after death, and in Christ, we shall be changed for all eternity.   

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