For Such a Time as This

Esther 4:14c

…and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

These past 13 months have been strange so far.  They have definitely been unlike any in my lifetime, and I believe you could say the same.  But, here we are, all of us together, living through it and trying to understand what we can do to point people to Jesus.  As I read my Bible, I understand that God has us here for a reason and that reason is to be a light and a testimony of the power of God’s love and grace.  What can we do and how can we be used of God during such a time as this?  Here are three things…

  1. RememberGod is in control
    We must remember that.  The events of these months did not take Him by surprise.  He knew about a worldwide pandemic.  He knew about a chaotic wave of violence and destruction that would sweep across our nation.  He knew about the unprecedented political upheaval that would take place in Washington.  I do not understand everything that God does and allows to happen so I cannot speak for Him.  He doesn’t need me to do either; that is, to understand or speak on His behalf.  What He wants me to do is to trust Him and believe that He wants to use me.  I am here for a reason and so are you.  Are you a believer?  If so, He wants to use you, right now, during this time.  He has someone out there that needs you to be faithful and obedient to Him so they can be impacted eternally.
  2. RejoiceYou are not in control
    We should rejoice in that fact.  You and I cannot control worldwide events.  You and I cannot control national events.  That simple and obvious truth causes me to rejoice.  I trust the One in control.  All I can control is whether or not I am obedient to Him.  I can choose right or wrong.  I can choose love or hate.  I can choose joy or anger.  I can choose obedience or disobedience.  I can choose trust or worry.  I can allow God to control me.  If we believe that God is in control of everything, surely we can trust Him to control us.  Rejoice in the power of God and His desire to use you for His glory!
  3. Be ReadyMan is not in control
    History has proven again and again that those who  desire power and control make it very dangerous for the rest of us.  Remember this late nineteenth century quote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Man apart from God is desperately wicked.  Man cannot control anything.  As people realize this, they start looking for answers.  When they do, be ready.  Peter tells us that we should always be ready to give an answer to those who ask us about the hope that we possess.  Do you live in such a manner that people who are searching will ask you why you are joyful, at peace, happy, different?  A life that is lived right before God will be a life that is ready before men.  Be ready to tell them about everything that Jesus has done for you.

Esther’s uncle Mordecai was facing a very dangerous enemy in Haman.  Not only did he want Mordecai removed from his presence and killed, he wanted all of the Jews wiped out of the kingdom.  Perilous times indeed!  I love the faith of Mordecai in Esther 4:14.  His words tell us that he had no doubt that God would deliver his people.  His plea to Esther was for her to realize that God wanted to use her as an agent of His deliverance.  The same is true of us today.  We are here for a reason during such a time as this.  God will accomplish His will regardless.  He want you to be apart of it all.  Will you remember that He is in control?  Will you rejoice in the fact that you are not in control?  Because man, no matter how hard he tries, will never be in control, will you be ready to point people to Jesus?  I hope so.  Let us all pray for one another that we will have the courage and the strength to live for God during such a times as this.

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