Be Thankful

Psalm 100

One of the most recognizable and familiar passages of Scripture is Psalm 100. It is referred to often around Thanksgiving, and rightfully so, but the message of this Psalm is something that we need to be reminded of every day. We truly have so much to be thankful for. To be thankful is to be happy. God has blessed us beyond our deserving and beyond our comprehension. Thankfulness will keep discouragement, pride, and a complaining spirit away from our lives.

One of the aspects of reading and studying the Psalms that I enjoy is how many ways you can look at them. Psalm 100 is a great example. We can see all of the verbs of praise listed here: make, serve, come, know, enter, bless, and being thankful. We also can find a theme and how all of the verses fit that theme. I challenge you to try this today. Here are three possibilities in my opinion: Know that the Lord is God, Be thankful, The Lord is good. Every thing in Psalms 100 can be centered on these three themes. Today, I want to focus your heart on being thankful.

If we are thankful, we will make a joyful noise.
If we are thankful, we will serve Him with gladness.
If we are thankful, we will come before His presence with singing.
If we are thankful, we will know that He is God, He is our Creator, and we are His people.
If we are thankful, we will enter into His presence with thanksgiving and praise.
If we are thankful, we will bless His name.
If we are thankful, we will understand fully that He is good, His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.

I hope your day is a day filled with blessing from God and your heart is filled with praises and thankfulness.

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