Delight and Desire

Psalm 37:4

We all have things that we enjoy doing in our personal time. Some of us golf, fish, hunt, garden, craft, sew, quilt; the list is endless. We do these things because we receive pleasure from them. While doing them, we are able to relax and not think about our troubles. We delight in them and look forward to engaging in them. By the way, there is nothing wrong with hobbies!

Spiritually, we must delight ourselves in the Lord. He should be our pleasure. Our focus should be on living for His glory, and pointing others to Him. Our verse today promises us if we delight in Him, He will give us our hearts’ desires. What a promise!!

My life has been blessed beyond my ability to properly express the thankfulness I feel towards my Heavenly Father. He has been so good to me! He has given me more than the desires of my heart. His blessings far exceed my ability to know or imagine what I desire. Because of my Heavenly Father, I am blessed with family, friends, ministry, and purpose. Everything I have is because of Him. Physical blessings, material blessings, and spiritually blessings all come from Him. When we focus on His goodness, it should be very easy for us to delight ourselves in Him. God is so good!!!

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