Because of Him, I Can

Philippians 4:13

This is one of the most familiar verses in all of Scripture. It gives us one of the most powerful promises for our Christian lives. The context of this verse explains how we can have victory, no matter our circumstances. We can!! You can!! I can!! I am so glad God enables and empowers us to live a life of joy and victory for His honor and glory. Let us look briefly at this promise.

The Statement: “I can do” Honestly, we have no excuses. Whatever God asked us to do we can do. Wherever He asks us to be we can thrive. Whoever He places in our path we can reach. The truth of this statement is based upon His ability and power , not ours. We are weak but He is strong. Because of Him, we can.

The Scope: “all things” Imagine not being limited by anything. There is no obstacle big enough, there is no distance too great, there is no task too big, there is no enemy too strong for the power of God. His power is inside of you, and He has given you overcoming victory for whatever you face in life.

The Source: “through Christ” God has not asked us to do it all by ourselves. It Christ who gives us the power, strength, and ability. On our own, we are incapable. Through Christ we are victorious. We are no match for our flesh, this world, or the devil in our strength, but God has given us Christ! He is in us and He is the source of all our ability and accomplishments.

The Strength: “which strengthened me” He is our Savior. He is our satisfaction. He is our source. He is our strength. He conquered death. He conquered sin. He conquered hell. My problems and your problems are no match for His power. My responsibilities and your responsibilities are no match for His power. No matter what we face, because of Him, we can!!!

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