All Your Need

Philippians 4:19

Philippians is full of wonderful promises that we as the children of God can claim. Yesterday we looked at Philippians 4:13 where Paul made a declaration of promise and power when he said, “I can do all thing through Christ which strengtheneth me”. Today we have before us God’s promise to take care of us entirely. Every need is known, noticed, and supplied by the One who provided His Son for our salvation.

In this devotion I want to focus on our physical needs as an example of God’s provisions. As we read through Scripture we find that our physical needs consist of food, raiment, and shelter. In other words, we need something to eat, clothes to wear, and a roof over our head. I must testify to the truth that God has more than fulfilled this promise in my life. If we only had one set of clothes, God still has fulfilled His promise. If we only had one meal in our belly, God still has fulfilled His promise. If we only had a simple structure protecting us from the harsh elements, God still has fulfilled His promise. How much more than our basic needs have we been given!! We have shelves in our refrigerators and cupboards with plenty of food. We have drawers and closets full of clothing. We have homes with multiple rooms with comfort items all around us. We have been blessed!!!

With great blessings comes great responsibility. We are responsible before God and before man to give Him praise for all He has provided. The world must know that we are not only saved by the grace of God but we are also taken care of by a God who has promised to supply us with everything we need. We have no room in our lives for complaining and jealousy. We are designed to be a thankful people. Praise Him for all He has provided!! Thank Him for His watchful care over us!! Give Him the glory for all of the evident blessings in your life!! Truly, God is so good to us!!

As I said before, in this devotion, I am only mentioning the physical needs we have as an example of His goodness. He also provides our spiritual needs and our emotional needs. In every aspect of our lives, whatever need may arise, God will provide and supply us exactly what we must have. We have a wonderful Savior and we serve a wonderful God. Today, let us praise Him for His goodness.

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