Resurrection Thoughts (part 1)

John 20:16,19

Yesterday we celebrated Easter Sunday because our Savior is risen. Resurrection Sunday focuses our minds and hearts on the wonderful truth that our Savior is no longer on the cross, or in the tomb, but is alive and well and seated at the right hand of God the Father. Because He lives, we too can live. Because He was victorious, we too can be victorious. A risen, living Savior gives us strength, direction, and hope for each day.

We are aware of the POWER of the resurrection. The power of the resurrection brings salvation and security. Our souls are saved, we are the children of God, and we have an eternal home in heaven waiting for us, all because Jesus is alive.

Today, I want to bring the PEACE of the resurrection to your attention. In John 20, Mary was overwhelmed with grief, and the disciples were overwhelmed with fear. The resurrected Savior changed their lives.
In the midst of Mary’s grief, sorrow, confusion, and disorientation, Jesus spoke her name. When she heard her name spoken by His voice, her heart, mind, and soul were calmed immediately. Recognition of who He was took over and she began to worship. After worship, she began spreading the news that He was alive.
The disciples were isolated in a secure room because they were afraid. They were afraid of the Jews who had just crucified Jesus. They were uncertain about their safety and they had no idea about what would happen in the future. In the middle of their fear, Jesus appeared. His first word to them was “Peace”. When they saw Him and heard His voice they were immediately glad and joyful. Their fear was gone! After rejoicing in His presence, they received the commission from Jesus to tell the world the great news of the gospel.

What does all of this mean for us? Like no other time before, we are living in difficult times. Many of us are afraid and uncertain. I know I am. It’s okay to admit it. Mary was. The disciples were. Jesus still showed up! He wants to show up for you, too. He’s there if you will look. He’s speaking if you will listen. He will speak YOUR name and He will give you PEACE!!!

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