Resurrection Thoughts (part 2)

Luke 24:30-32

If you know me you know that Luke 24 is my favorite Resurrection chapter. I have always been fascinated by the disciples on the Emmaus Road. The more I study them, the more I see myself in them and the more I see how Jesus delivers us from discouragement and dismay.

The disciples’ lives had been drastically changed. Their leader and Savior was dead and His body was missing. They had no choice but to leave and try to start over. Discouraged and grieving, they began their trip to Emmaus. Nothing in their hearts would be of any benefit to others. All their thoughts were about what went wrong. The discussion between them was only feeding their despair.

“Jesus himself drew near.” In the midst of their discouragement, despair, and grief, Jesus came to them. He listened to them. He let them speak from their hearts, no matter what was in their hearts. When they finished, He spoke to them. Beginning with Moses, He took the Scriptures and taught them all that was about Him. Bear in mind, this is a repetitive teaching. Throughout the gospels, we see multiple times where Jesus taught and prepared the disciples for what was going to happen but they did not listen or try to understand. Patiently, He explained it all again while walking along the road with them.

When they arrived in Emmaus, they convinced Him to eat with them. It was then He broke bread and gave it to them. Immediately their eyes were opened and they recognized Him. “Did not our hearts burn within us?” God’s Word and His presence will stir the child of God, no matter how deep the discouragement is.

After their encounter with Jesus, several things changed. They were joyful instead of discouraged. They changed their direction and went back to Jerusalem. Instead of delivering a message of doubt and dismay, they told everyone the great news that Jesus was alive.

The Resurrected Savior will meet you where you are. He will listen to you. He will teach you, strengthen you, and encourage you. He will give you joy. He will give you reason to tell others of His love, goodness, and grace. Praise God, we serve a Risen Savior!!!

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