This is Us

I Thessalonians 1

Before reading today’s devotion, I would ask that you read I Thessalonians 1.  Normally I write a devotion from a verse or a short passage and print those out for you at the beginning, but today I am using the whole chapter as my text. 

In this chapter we find the characteristics of the model church.  The Thessalonian Church was a wonderful church focused on doing great things for the Lord.  I believe I pastor a great church.  Honestly, I am still rejoicing about the wonderful service we had Sunday morning.  Throughout this pandemic, our church family has faced adversity in many different ways.  Through it all, God has been glorified.  Sunday’s service was an example of our church’s love for the Lord, the Word, each other, and the community.  Everyday I am overwhelmed with the realization that God has placed me in the position of pastor at Bell Creek.  I am very thankful to be the pastor of such a wonderful congregation.  If someone asked me to describe Bell Creek Baptist Church, here’s what I would say.

  1. We are Trusting.
    We are a body of believers who have trusted Jesus for our salvation.
    Jesus is our Savior.
  2. We are Tested
    We go through the same experiences, emotions, and elations as everyone else.
    Jesus is our Source.
  3. We are Trying.
    We are doing our best.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail.
    Jesus is our Strength.
  4. We are Telling.
    Jesus is right for whatever is wrong in your life.
    Jesus, and Jesus only, is the Solution.
  5. We are Together.
    From every possible walk of life, Jesus has brought us together.
    Jesus is our Solidarity.

If every pastor had to answer the same hypothetical question, I hope their words would be the same.  I LOVE my church.  We are different, but we are the same.  We are not perfect, but we are loved by God and each other.  Through adversity, restrictions, anxiety, discouragement, and the unknown, one thing remains true.  WE ARE A FAMILY!!  In the most positive sense of the word let me say I am proud to be the pastor of Bell Creek Baptist Church.  Church, you overwhelm me.  Thank you.

photo credit: Pastor Shane

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